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14 Days 'Til Dawn

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Inspired by a Tom Petty song (true story!), this novel tells the story of lunar life in our nearest star system.  From their flying city, vampires run the lives of all the citizens of the moon.  Centrus, city of the vampires, continuously orbits the planet in order to keep the vampires away from the killing rays of the sun.  This is where Tom Petty came in.  His song, Free Fallin', has at the beginning of the second verse:

"And all the vampires walking through the valley
Move west down Ventura Boulevard."

Why would vampires move west?  To get away from the sun, obviously.  And a story was born.  This novel was released through the Kindle Select program.  It will only be available two ways: in paperback (through and for the Kindle at  Members of Amazon Prime will be able to borrow it , and there may be a few days where I offer it as a free download.

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On a moon in the Alpha Centauri System, humans are randomly Chosen to provide blood for the ruling vampire class. Beren, a former soldier, wants only to live in peace. That dream is shattered when he watches his wife, Lana, take her own life to avoid being given to the vampires. He joins with Calibra, a doctor who secretly aids a resistance movement by sneaking the Chosen out of the cities before Gatherers can take them to the vampire stronghold. These two must evade the infamous Eliminator Olamor and survive the treachery around them long enough to unite the bickering lunar factions and defeat the vampire army.

14 Days 'Til Dawn

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