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The Pythagoras Enigma

This is the sequel to my thriller novel, Martyr's Inferno.  Jim Hunter and Krista Marcel are back in action with two new partners: Marcus Johnson, a former Army Ranger and combat veteran, and Angela Lopez, a national Judo champion.  A mysterious serial killer who calls himself Pythagoras is terrorizing the Bloomington area, and Hunter tries to help the police unravel the taunting messages Pythagoras leaves behind.  As the body count climbs, the case becomes even more twisted, with ties to organized crime and shadows of Jim's past.  Soon, Hunter finds himself in a race against the clock, with thousands of lives hanging in the balance.

The First Gambit

I have high hopes for this novel, but there is a twist: it exists in the realm of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, so only Pocket Books can publish it. I found an agent who was willing to submit the book for me.  Unfortunately, Pocket Books does not yet have the rights to Star Trek beyond 2012.  But the editor at Pocket Books promised to hold the book for now, and if they continue publishing the Star Trek series, i'll get a look.  Fingers crossed!

A series of seemingly unrelated events coalesce into a massive conspiracy to conquer the Alpha Quadrant, coordinated between the evil Pah Wraith Cult and a group of renegade Changelings known as The Hundred. Their plot threatens to unleash the Borg, placing the entire Alpha Quadrant in jeopardy.

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